Holiday Tips

Everybody is excited for that well-deserved summer holiday, and what better way to spend the summer than with family and friends!?  It is important to spend quality time with your family and have fun, while making the best holiday memories - and so, it’s even more important to PLAN PLAN PLAN!  Advanced planning is imperative to minimise the holiday nightmares, and maximise family fun! We’ve compiled a list of travelling and vacationing  tips to help our members prepare for the best holiday experience ever!

·         Holidays are about spending quality time with your loved ones, as our daily lives don’t always allow for much-needed one-on-one time. Whether you’ve already planned a trip, or planning on planning a trip, make sure TradeUnipoint gets you there! Need some holiday inspiration? Click here to make the next 3 Minutes count…


·         So you’ve planned your trip and the day has arrived to dust off the old suitcases, and stuff all your necessities into one tiny bag… Here’s a tip: roll your clothes while packing, instead of folding them.  It takes up less space.  Go to to view more incredible packing tips on our Pinterest Page.


·         The car is packed, the kids are loaded and the cooler is stuffed to the brim – let’s go! Whilst on the road, remember to pack water in order to keep everyone hydrated in the African summer heat. By pre-packing your own water, you’ll save time and money, which will get you to your holiday destination even quicker!

·         Take regular toilet breaks!  Not just because you’ve been drinking all that water, but it’s always good to stretch your legs a bit, stop every 2 hours and enjoy the holiday vibe. Why not share your favourite stops along the way on our Facebook Page?


·         You’ve arrived at your destination and can’t wait to soak in the pool or run to the beach! Before letting everyone rush off, remember to apply sunscreen, and cover up the kids with hats or full body swimsuits –  and re-apply sunscreen every half an hour to protect you’re family’s skin against the sun.


·         Holidays can be full of memorable moments that you’ll want to remember. Remember to pack a camera, or charge your phone so you can capture all the special and silly moments– follow us on Twitter and keep an eye out for regular photo competitions –we love seeing our members have fun!


·         Most of TradeUnipoint’s resorts have fun family activities such as volleyball, putt-putt, swimming pools, giant chess, tennis courts, hiking trails, horseback riding and so much more.  By taking part in activities you can do as a family, you’ll grow so much closer, and will get to know each other even better– visit to see what which facilities are on offer at which resort.


·         Don’t get caught off-guard though - remember the first aid kit! Even-though our resorts mostly offer kiosk shops for emergency essentials, avoid a crisis by packing first aid essentials like plasters, bandages, gauze, scissors, gloves etc. – we’ve added a few tutorials on packing your own first aid kit:


·         Remember the necessary documentation, passwords, confirmations…if you booked via TradeUnipoint, remember to print your proof of payment and bring a copy of your ID.



·         Long days in the sun and the heat can cause dehydration, headaches and even upset stomachs from all that ice-cream and cool drinks we South Africans love so much… Make an effort to drink lots of water, and pack healthy snacks to avoid not only feeling bad, but to keep those holiday gains at bay…

Wed 02 Dec 15